Basil Oil and Senior Health

Basil Oil and Senior Health

In Mediterranean cuisine, basil is often added to dishes to give them a special flavor. But this plant also has a number of therapeutic properties. It helps get rid of anxiety and promotes digestion in seniors. Basil oil clarifies feelings, stimulates thought processes and soothes the airways and the digestive tract.

Humana Health Insurance 2020Basil oil is extracted from the stems of the plant; its sweet and spicy scent awakens associations with the sunny Mediterranean summer. Basil has an invigorating and strengthening effect on the nervous system, which makes it a valuable assistant in the fight against depression and anxiety.

Powerful cleaner

Basil oil, due to its antiseptic and antispasmodic properties is ideal for massaging the abdomen, which will help get rid of the infection. It will also ease stomach upsets and pains.The cleansing effect of basil is also good to use in steam inhalations – it is a powerful remedy for common colds in seniors. Basil, in addition, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. It can also help return a sense of taste and smell in the senior patient.

The active ingredients of basil oil:

Basil has a stimulating effect on the nervous system due to its high concentration of alcohols.

Monoterpene Alcohols – These alcohols make up 60% of basil oil. The main contribution to the active effect of the oil is linalool, which gives the oil a characteristic sharp, floral scent with a citrus shade.

According to scientists, monoterpene alcohols have a bracing, warming and calming effect. In addition, they have antibacterial and antiviral properties and stimulate the body’s own defense systems, helping it fight infection.

Phenols and phenolic esters – Basil contains methyl chavicol and eugenol. They stimulate the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.

Other Ingredients – Basil oil also contains a very small amount of ketones,  and terpenes, including pinene and cymene.

Steam inhalations based on basil oil can get rid of colds and runny nose.

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